Whole Lotta – [Desto Dubb] ft. [DCG Shun] [DCG Bsavv] & [DCG Msavv]

It’s been a minute since I kept up with Desto Dubb’s music career, but that’s not to say I haven’t been paying attention to the other moves he’s been making. Ever since I found out about him through No Jumper when I used to watch the program years and years ago, he has transformed from an up and coming rapper into a business mogul with his brand That’s A Awful Lot of Cough Syrup which has been worn by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Even with his brand’s success, I still love the fact that he’s keeping up with his music because it’s something he truly seems to enjoy, and I couldn’t resist talking about his latest song “Whole Lotta” when I saw he teamed up with all three DCG brothers to bring this hit to life. The instrumental itself uses some rotating, on-edge piano keys that are combined with rattling percussion and thumping drums for a Michigan-influenced beat that is as catchy as it is edgy.

Although I’m not overly familiar with Desto’s music as of late, it seems like this style fits him perfectly considering his low voice and raspy delivery seem to just glide on this specific production as he drops a hook that is beyond catchy and intriguing. Even in his verse, he drops off some inventive and creative wordplays combined with a plethora of flaunts and brags that can go toe to toe with the biggest flexers in the industry.

Following his verse comes DCG Shun who is quite possibly my favorite of the brothers. He just has this up to no good attitude that is combined with a mischievous smile in every one of his videos, and this type of “play by his own rules” inspired attitude is alive and well in every single one of his verses with this one being no exception. After another hook, Bsavv and Msavv split a verse, with Bsavv opening it up with a similar troublemaker-like attitude that brings every single word he spits to a new level. Finally, Msavv is up and although I’m the least familiar with his work, he impressed me with an even more enthusiastic and animated verse than I could’ve ever expected to finish things up.

Along with this song comes a Blackhearted Productions-shot music video, yet I feel like the song was the main thing that needed to be highlighted, so you can peep the music video below as you listen to the track. Aside from this, I loved Msavv’s inclusion on this single considering I feel like he gets the least amount of recognition out of the brothers, yet his talent definitely deserves to be acknowledged and not overshadowed as I feel like it tends to be. Nonetheless, he proves his worth in this record as the other brothers and Desto do as well, making “Whole Lotta” an absolutely essential listen as soon as you find some time to tune in.