Who We Are – [Journey Gz] x [Melvoni]

I think my past five posts have all been rappers from New York, but the thing is you’d probably not know they all hailed from the same city given the sheer versatility of sounds coming out of the hip-hop epicenter right now. Journey Gz is yet another testament to this versatility, and the 19-year-old artist sets his unique melodic rap style aflame with his new music video and single “Who We Are”.

Journey Gz proves to have a masterful handle on balancing emotional melody with straightforward lyricism on this track, drawing inspiration from his own come-up and struggles to paint a vivid sonic picture for a listener. By his side is another young and buzzing New York prospect by the name of Melvoni, and once the two link up over the piano-driven trap beat, it seems like there’s no stopping them. Both Journey Gz and Melvoni go bar-for-bar on this song, populating the beat with a barrage verses that come from a place of genuine rawness and pain. They deliver exactly what a listener might expect from a song titled “Who We Are”, spitting a grim and unedited autobiography straight from their hearts onto the track in a way that’s refreshingly authentic.

Watch the premiere of Journey Gz and Melvoni’s “Who We Are” music video below: