who tf? – [Jelani Imani]

In an era of fake streams, fake views, and “artists” able to buy their way to fame – how are the real artists supposed to stand out? It’s a question that has plagued hip-hop culture since the inception of stream farms and clout-chasing, but luckily today Atlanta rapper/producer Jelani Imani returns to us this month to shed some light on the issue. Directed by Bryan BBL and Imani himself, “who tf?” is the newest forward-thinking release from our king this year, sporting a visual that addresses modern music’s problem of false popularity and trend-hopping. Few people in hip-hop truly embody the ideals of ‘be yourself’ like Imani, so it seems only fitting that “who tf?” exists as a futuristic banger from one of Atlanta’s most promising upcoming acts. Featuring production from Lil Rib, “who tf?” is a minimalistic and hypnotic bop that, like Jelani Imani, lives in a lane of its own. Between SoundCloud’s new renaissance, and the large cultural shifts taking place in Houston, Miami, and Atlanta, the future of hip-hop is in good hands with people like Jelani in the mix. He’s no stranger to the LL page, and with more music and visuals likely slated for the near future, you’d be wise to keep an eye on him.

Check out the visual for Jelani Imani’s “who tf?” below: