Who Is Luh Tyler?

I must say that majority of my favorite artists out right now are rising out of Florida. 16-year-old buzzing artist Luh Tyler is my latest obsession, and I can’t stop listening to his music. Just a few months ago, one of my friends texted me his single “Law & Order,” and wrote sign him now. I laughed and skipped over the message without thinking much of it. A few days later I kept hearing the song on social media, so I decided to give it chance. Let’s just say a few of his songs have been on rotation ever since and I’m very interested in seeing how his career will explode this year. Tyler’s raspy voice delivers smooth punchlines in his music and his sound isn’t like any other Florida artist I’m familiar with. One of my favorite tracks from him right now is called “Back Flippin.” The official music video was released two weeks ago and it’s already at 2 million views on Youtube. While it is still very early in Tyler’s career, I can only imagine how far the young artist can go with the right team behind him. I can’t wait to see everything he has in store this year. Check out a few of his latest singles below.