Who is Las Guapo?

Consistency speaks for itself in the music industry. Promising artist Las Guapo began his musical career with a single purpose in mind: to make songs with a lot of creativity and to create his sense of style. Ever since beginning his musical journey five years ago, social media has had a significant impact on his career. Watching Lil Pump’s career take off on Instagram infused a sense of self-assurance in the rising artist. This year, Las Guapo is ready to show the world what he’s been working on.

Earlier this year, the Florida native released his latest single ‘Las Guapo – Richest From My City’. Shot by @Benny Flash, Guapo recites his lyrics in his hometown while flashing jewelry and cruising through the night. You can tell the rising artist has put a lot of time into improving his flow and making sure his bars are on point.

“I basically simply walk into the booth and talk about what’s on my mind or what I’m going through at the moment,” He shared with Hiphopsince1987. Nothing is written down, everything comes from my thoughts!”

6 days ago, Las Guapo released another track titled “Bonnie & Clyde”. Check out both of his videos below.