Who Can I Trust? – [JAMS The Flava Child] feat. [Travis Thompson]

Chicago’s own JAMS The Flava Child (Also known as JAMS TFC) has been impacting the music scene over the past few months. The success of his 2021 project Made with Love has him feeling charged up and rejuvenated this year, as he released four singles already this year. Finding the true power in releasing singles has allowed JAMS to get his fans excited for what’s to come from his next full-length project. If you know JAMS, then you know that he’s no stranger to the camera at all. With a roster of over 20 music videos shot independently, he is back with another video and single for his new song, “Who Can I Trust?” featuring Travis Thompson.

On “Who Can I Trust?”, JAMS speaks on his idea of trust and how hard it is to give it out. As someone who is naturally a people person at heart, JAMS knows now that he has to be selective on who he gives his energy to, and only invest his energy into positivity, things that impact the world, and things that make him feel satisfied and with a full heart.

One thing about JAMS is that he will always be adventurous whenever he can, literally and figuratively. Whether he’s trying out new sounds or taking a trip across the country, JAMS is infatuated and has a love for new things in life and new experiences. Currently residing in LA, JAMS took a trip up to Seattle to link up with Travis Thompson to collab on this Billy Hoyle-produced cut. Taking turns trading verses, JAMS and Travis keep it cool, calm, and collective on this laid-back record that fits perfectly for those late-night sessions.

His new project, currently titled Live From The Lac, is set to be dropping soon, and this is the perfect introduction into the new and rejuvenated world of JAMS The Flava Child.

Watch the visual for JAMS’ new video “Who Can I Trust?” below!