White Chalk & Yellow Tape – [Taleban Dooda]

Florida has always been a massive hub for talent, but it’s amazing to me that so many people underappreciate the diverse sounds that come from the Southern state. Obviously, there are artists like Kodak Black, Hotboii, and 9lokknine, but then there are emcees like $NOT, Cochise, Denzel Curry, Pouya, the late, great XXXtentacion, and so many other icons that should have all more than proven that there isn’t even close to one singular genre labeling the scene down there.

It’s just a breeding ground of stars, so even though it’s hard to say what my own personal preference is as far as the types of styles being brought to life, all I can say is that all of these musicians are really doing so much to push the rap genre to the next level. Taleban Dooda is one emcee who seems to get underappreciated as well because although he has a similar drawl to that of Kodak or 9lokk, he proves that he’s not simply a clone: he’s unique, creative, and imaginative.

Dooda is still grinding every day to take the next step in his career, but after releasing his mixtape White Chalk & Yellow Tape, I think he took another step in the right direction to show his skills on a singular cohesive project instead of a bunch of singles like he has released in the past. Before listening, I didn’t have any expectations other than knowing I was about to witness something inimitable, but each of the 8 songs that last just under 20 minutes long shows exactly how far he can stretch his dexterity and show off his versatility, beginning with the intriguing and mischievous first song “KOD”.

His vibrant personality has never been something that can go unnoticed, but he takes this to an entirely new level as you listen though, understanding just how talented he is while he rotates through a myriad of sounds that build on the previous skills he has demonstrated prior. Whether he’s rapping swiftly, displaying his vocal range, or mixing together some tunefulness with some nifty flows, there isn’t a single piece of this tape that won’t have you perplexed at how adaptable Dooda truly is, and it pleasantly surprised me even more than I once anticipated.