Whispers – [Johnny Yukon]

Another day, another splendid offering from none other than Johnny Yukon. Taking us back to the disco ball times of the 1970s, Yukon’s new single, “Whispers”, smacks us in the face with just the right amount of nostalgia to keep it friendly. A celebration of funk-infused alternative pop, “Whispers” might make you channel your inner Austin Powers and turn your boring Friday afternoon into a groovy oasis filled with dream-like visions. Completely self-produced as usual, the instrumental is loaded with airy synths, the all too classic whistle melody, and a baseline that can reverse an 80 year olds aging process and put them right back into their dancing shoes. In line with what we’ve come to expect from Yukon as of late, we hear his vocals glide along the instrumental with ease as he stuns us once again with a seemingly effortless top-line and harmonies that sit perfectly in the pocket of the production.