Where You Going – [Pi’erre Bourne]

Out of probably every 5-8 songs that you’ve listened to over the majority of the past decade, there is a good chance that Pi’erre Bourne had a hand in at least one of those song’s creations. Whether he produced it himself or has influenced the people who did produce it, Pi’erre is one of the most prominent artists of our generation, and that’s one thing I think can never go unappreciated. Ever since he started rapping as well, he has proven that his skill set is never-ending and he always breathes innovation into the world of rap, and that is something that I think will never change even long after he retires, whenever that may happen down the road.

Whether he drops a single, a video, or a project, his fanbase is never anything less than a hoard of die-hard supporters, so when he dropped his album Good Movie at the end of last week, there was no way you could miss out on this project. With a whopping 23 songs that last just about an hour and ten minutes, there is no shortage of imagination or energy, and with only two remarkable features from Don Toliver and Young Nudy, this one is pretty much all Pi’erre, all the time.

One of the most attention-grabbing tracks is “Where You Going”, a song that also received a LATEMILK-directed music video that is as lavish and compelling as Pi’erre’s artistry has always been. This one takes us to a massive estate that is cared for by a couple of butlers who serve a couple of lovely women that hang out in the sun as Pi’erre chills by a table, being served up platters of money that seem to reach the sky.

As the video continues, he goes on a date with another beautiful lady and eventually heads up to the penthouse with yet another woman, but no matter which female is in his life at the moment, they vanish before his eyes, forcing him to question where they are going and how they disappear so regularly. This song is awesome, the video is even more incredible, and the album is as perfect as you could expect, making all of these things you need to get in tune with ASAP!