Where We Go – [Jelani Aryeh]

While angelic vocals may be the surface focus of his music, I’ve come to realize that Jelani Aryeh’s x-factor is that of his songwriting. Upon every new release, I find myself intrigued by the sonics but even more invested in the lyrics, mainly due to the fact that few other artists have discovered such a seamless way to infuse vivid emotion into each word. From the small inflections that mark shifts in his feelings to his masterful control over tone, Aryeh always knows how to make the most of his talent, just as we’re reminded in the brand new video for “Where We Go.”

Taken off of his 2017 project Suburban Destinesia, “Where We Go” is a perfect reminder that even Aryeh’s older work holds up to the high level of quality that he commands with each song. Detailing the gray area of emotion that he feels after telling his father that he isn’t going to play football, “Where We Go” illustrates uncertainty in direction in the most authentic of ways. Aryeh’s vocals shimmer at the thought of his future, and the earnest deliveries only add a layer of hurt to the song’s sincere palette of emotion.

Visually, this heart-stricken confusion is communicated through scenes of Aryeh preparing himself to pack up and leave. All throughout the piece, viewers are brought back to dynamic close-up shots, and if not anything else, these moments of focus are able to isolate Aryeh’s emotional identity as the focal point of the music. Accordingly so, the impeccable songwriting here has met it’s well-deserved match, as director Justin Morris came through as the perfect candidate for the job.

Watch “Where We Go” below and be on the lookout for more from Aryeh in the coming months!

Song produced by Jack Kolbe
Directed by Justin Morris