When They See Us – [Kahri 1K] feat. [Quando Rondo]

One thing about the streets, is that there are multiple cities that experience some of the same trials and tribulations that other major cities go through. We often think of Chicago, certain cities in the south, or even certain neighborhoods in New York when we think of those cities who experience those hood traumas. Trouble can come to any place at any time, and we can always rely on hip hop to provide us with some extra insight on it. For the Petersburg-native Kahri 1k, he is here to let the world know what goes on in his hood. New to the Lyrical Lemonade platform, Kahri 1k is debuting his new single “When They See Us”, featuring the Savannah Georgia-native Quando Rondo.

The visuals Show various clips around the neighborhood he’s from, giving an up close and personal look at some of the people from his hood. The auto tuned record bleeds passion and pain into the microphone as Kahri speaks on the young kids who die in his hood every single day. “All the old heads living long, all the young n***** gone” he raps, which is the current state of whats happening out in the world today. As of late, we have been losing a lot of the youth at an alarming fast rate, and Kahri keeps it real when speaking on behalf of all the young boys that don’t want to go at a young age. When speaking to him in regards of the record, he had this to say:

“The record was inspired by vibe of the city (Petersburg, VA) and what my people go through every day. I already had the song done and i felt like he (Quando Rondo) was the perfect fit, so we reached out. The visual is a first hand look at the conditions in which I was raised and my exit plain to make it out.”

Watch the visual for “When They See Us” below and stay connected w/ him on Twitter!