When I Die – [Alexander 23]

As the years go by and we grow in maturity, death becomes one of those ever-present reminders to enjoy the time that we have and truly be the person that we want to be remembered as. This concept of reputation and legacy certainly isn’t anything new in the world of music, but needless to say, Alexander 23’s latest song, “When I Die,” is certainly one of the most refreshing and oddly reassuring expressions of this idea that I’ve heard to date. With this, the rising talent is here today to unveil the song’s multi-generational visual companion.

Depicting three versions of Alexander 23 — his younger self, his present self, and his future self — this video takes growth in a literal sense, using clear-cut imagery and easily entertaining visuals to bring the point full circle. The three Alexanders learn to coexist in a world together while protecting and embracing the company of one another, and at the very end of the video, we get to watch the three share a hug right before future Alexander lays to rest.

Mortality isn’t anything fun to talk about, but in an unusually alluring and lovable way, Alexander 23 makes light of the topic with great music and an even greater music video to match. That said, check out “When I Die” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Directed by: Kenny Okagaki & Alexander 23
Commissioners: Marissa Ramirez & Shannon Leskowitz
Producer: Satien “Sat” Mehta (Drive Int’l Agency)
Story By: Alexander 23 & Ethan Newmyer