When Flu Fed Up – [SPB Lil Pookie]

Mississippi has been heating up for months now, slowly but surely producing a host of new underground talent and even putting the state’s first bona-fide star into the industry in quite some time with Tutweiler’s Big WalkDog who is now signed to Gucci Mane’s “The New 1017,” but the talent pool certainly does not end there. All over the state, from the gulf, to the main cities, up through the state’s northern portion, and everywhere in between there are artists waiting to be found and perfecting their sounds. Truly perhaps more than any other area in this country, Mississippi’s history is inextricably linked to music and is perhaps the most influential place in all of America when considering trends set and stylistic choices stemming from rock ‘n roll and the Blues for nearly a century.

Today however we are here because of Calhoun City, MS artist SPB Lil Pookie and his “BoxedIn” live performance with king making Memphis cameraman WikidFilms where he can show his charisma and vocal talents in an up-close-and-personal manner that provides a level of intimacy with the artist that is increasingly rare these days. His lyricism is impressive and he floats over the instrumental with ease, walking all over the familiar sample at a slow tempo. His bars are quite clever and this track has me itching for more music from SPB Lil Pookie and I hope he can remain consistent and further develop his sound because I am very excited to see what the future holds from him.