Wheel It – [Puffy L’z]

Last year has seen some major releases from some of our favorite artists, but being the madness that it was a few took the Robert Horry approach dropping a bomb as the buzzer winds down. In the final days of 2020, one of Canada’s Coldest blessed us with a new song and video that instantly reinvigorates the same energy that made him one of the hottest to come out of Toronto. If you’re from north of the border then this name should need no introduction, but for any unfamiliar readers then I highly suggest getting familiar with the living legend that is Puffy L’z. You really can’t talk about the history of Toronto’s sound without mentioning Puffy’s name. His energy, subject matter, and effortlessly unique delivery are all quintessentially Toronto, his new song “Wheel It” has Puffy L’z at his nicest ready to continue his global takeover.

It’s been a few years since the passing of Smoke Dawg, his untimely death definitely shook the city and his Halal Gang brothers to their core. Through it all, it seems like the crew hailing from Regent Park is ready to reclaim their place as the artists that helped build Toronto’s sound to what it is today. Hearing the signature “AHWOOLAY” at the beginning of the song immediately brings back memories of when he first came out and helped make the city’s sound unlike anything else in the world, the reason why he is one of my favorite Canadian emcees of all time. Although its been some time since Puffy L’z last dropped, “Wheel It” is a song that feels like his older slappers that still play loud from Vancouver to Halifax, and beyond.

To accompany the single, Puffy L’z dropped some energetic visuals directed by Andrew Hammond. The pace of the video perfectly pairs with his iconic flow, fast cuts around Toronto, and Puffy Take No L’z going off in the studio showing he has indeed been working overtime. In the past few weeks we have seen a huge spike in American outlets like Akademiks and No Jumper begin to shift their focus to what’s going on up north, hopefully this year more American audiences will wisen up to the quality music exporting out of Canada. While Puffy L’z may not be the loudest on the internet, he lets the music speak for itself. With 2020 being one of the quietest in his career thus far, don’t be surprised if you see his name continue to pop up as Puffy L’z and Halal Gang take over the airwaves once again.

Listen to “Wheel It” on all platforms here and watch the music video below!

Produced by Dnny Phntm, Drtwrk, Sonorous & AmirJamm