WHAT’S THE MOVE – [O2worldwide]

Earlier this summer, I stumbled across a group that exudes talent and chemistry to the highest degree. The group’s natural appeal and timeless feel has positioned them as a top contender for next up in a long lineage of rap collectives to shake the world. Known as O2worldwide, they have quickly become one of my favorite new acts of the year without question. The 16-person ensemble filled with artists, producers, and visionaries got their name from a majority of the group being born in 2002 and their roots in Oklahoma. While the Sooner State may not be home to a ton of success in the hip-hop world, this lack of paths to follow is what created a need for these young creatives to join forces and create a group that is fit to hit with listeners of every demographic.

We’ve covered O2worldwide in the past but with each release, they seem to be growing in stature and their latest single is quite possibly one of their best to date.  Today they released their latest single titled “WHAT’S THE MOVE”, a laidback track that encapsulates what makes O2 so appealing. Intricate verses over a bouncy beat with a smooth chorus that will undoubtedly be left stuck in your head. This song features 2 of the founding members of O2, Ombachi and TheDarkSkinRapper along with mesmerizing vocals provided by frequent collaborator Oolox. O2worlwide is a group that has so much versatility to their sound, they really have somebody in their ranks that can step up to the plate and bring a completely new vibe to the equation. Each and every single they’ve dropped this year brings something a little different to the table but all stay true to the O2 brand they have built over 2 outstanding albums in 2019.

While many rap groups have emerged over the past decade, few have the authentic feel to them that O2worldwide possesses. Maybe it’s the fact that many of them have known each other their whole lives or perhaps it’s because Ombachi is a wizard when it comes to mixing and mastering every track they release. Most of all, O2worldwide is the rare kind of group that can cross generational lines and is approachable for older hip-hop heads and younger audiences alike. Their classic sound combined with the fact that they just graduated High School has them a group that I would definitely pay close attention to in 2021. Their upcoming album BACK ON TRACK is due early next year, the album is set to soundtrack a time of optimism as we hope life will slowly start to get back in motion in the new year.

Listen to “WHAT’S THE MOVE” on all platforms here!