What’s Poppin (Remix )- [Jack Harlow] ft. [Lil Wayne] [DaBaby] & [Tory Lanez]

It’s pretty obvious that as soon as Jack Harlow released the original version of “What’s Poppin” back in January, it was a success right off the bat. Although he had been making bangers for a few years, this was the song that really turned some heads and changed the trajectory of his career. As a fan, I can’t say how happy I am that this was the case because ever since he’s been one of the most consistent artists with regards to putting out hit after hit. His smooth, energetic flows mixed with some bouncy instrumentals and just simply the party vibes that exude from within him all come together on almost every single one of his songs to truly show his star power. Back to “What’s Poppin”, though. When a song like that becomes as massively successful as it did, artists big and small want the chance to grace the beat and see if they can come up with their own rendition to join in on the fun.

While there are countless unofficial remixes that have been released independently, legends like Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez decided to finally join Jack for the official remix, and I don’t think it could have come out any better if they tried. Right away, one of the things I’m definitely grateful for is the fact that Jack created an incredible new verse rather than opting to use the original, as a lot of artists settle for when creating a remix of this nature. Not only did he record a new part, but he went completely off the rails way more than I could have ever anticipated. His use of double entendres and wordplay within almost every bar proved that he came to play with the big dogs, and he wasn’t trying to get upstaged by the iconic artists that are now joining him on this track. While he keeps the same hook as the original, I’m completely fine with that. After all, it wouldn’t really be “What’s Poppin” without the chorus that got stuck in everyone’s heads and really sent him straight to the top.

DaBaby comes in next, and before he even starts spitting, you can hear him amping himself up in the background, pretty much giving himself no choice but to go off. His cadence is consistent and different from most of the other songs I’ve heard from him and he recites his words in such a way that the pitch of his voice raises and lowers like a rollercoaster going up and down. He even spits one of his lines with a scratchy voice that’s reminiscent of some recent offerings that Future has released. After his part, it sounds like the hook is coming back in, but Tory Lanez just can’t wait and pretty much barges into the track to give us a piece of his mind. I’m so grateful we didn’t have to wait any longer for his verse after hearing it, though, because he spits so many words in such a rapid flow that I rewound this part multiple times and couldn’t find a single moment where he stopped to breathe, which just blows my mind. After this whirlwind of a verse, one more chorus began playing which was much needed considering Lil Wayne was up and I needed to regather my composure before my mind was put in a pretzel once again.

When he does come in, he has one of the slower deliveries out of the group but he remains consistent with the original flow of the track, adding some new life to an already addictive cadence. His attitude is right at the forefront which plays up some of his lyrics, and it’s impressive because his bars are already ridiculously extraordinary. He pays homage to the original even further later on in his portion, utilizing certain lyrics that appeared in the previous version of the track while also adding his own flare to other bars as well. It just goes to show that when you’re an absolute legend like Wayne, you just seemingly naturally come up with some of the most remarkable verses without even really thinking about it. Although the original never really had any sort of deeper personal meaning behind the lyrics, it boasted some extremely intricate and well thought out wordplay that proved Jack Harlow’s skills went deeper than they ever previously appeared to. In my opinion, the remix made the regular version sound almost elementary to me, because not only did Jack step up his bars, but everyone else on the song provided some of the most detailed and eye-catching wordplays that have been recorded in recent history, without a doubt.

I, along with pretty much every other modern-day Rap fan, knew that this track was going to be a massive success before even pressing the play button. What I didn’t expect, however, was the results to be as magnificently impressive as they ended up being. Not only did Jack step up to the plate and get this song started off on a high note, but he proved that he’s gotten even more immensely talented than he already was at just the beginning of this year. He didn’t want to get overshadowed by these renowned mainstays in the industry, so he brought his A-game, and it was better than I ever could’ve imagined. In fact, I heard so many crazy lines that I had to pause the song and look up the lyrics so I could appreciate every single bar and not let any of them fly under the radar. It was obvious that Wayne, DaBaby, and Tory were going to go off and do their thing which was the case, but I think that with Jack’s new verse, he’s making an argument as to why people need to respect him as a serious artist even more than they already do. You’ve probably already seen the hype behind the “What’s Poppin” remix all over social media, so stop delaying the inevitable and give it a listen as soon as you possibly can.