“Whatever The Cost” – [TWNTYFOUR] x [451]

TWNTYFOUR has released a new track that showcases his exceptional skills as a genre-blending, versatile hip-hop artist. “Whatever The Cost” is a fast-paced, upbeat track that perfectly displays TWNTYFOUR’s adaptability and range. The hard-hitting verses are delivered with a raw and methodical approach, while the catchy and melodic chorus adds a perfect balance to the song to bring appeal to several audiences. The collaboration with artist “451” on the track adds even more character and depth, as his ending verse brings a new sound and energy to the already high-tempo track, giving it a well-rounded feel.

The production of “Whatever The Cost” is top-notch, with the beat complementing TWNTYFOUR’s delivery and adding to the song’s overall energy. Producers dudeclayy, 7INK, and Medusasound absolutely killed it, with a beat that’s a perfect testament to the artist’s strong suits.

TWNTYFOUR has seen his fair share of success, accumulating some huge streaming numbers on various different platforms, including 13K+ monthly listeners on Spotify. If you’re looking for something that’s an easy listen and a great blend of hip-hop sound and genres, look no further. Stream “Whatever The Cost” on YouTube here or on Spotify below!