What You Got – [Quail P]

When I seek out new artists, there are definitely a few things I regularly look for, but one of the most important things on my radar is versatility. Not only do I try and find artists who can run the gamut of rapping, singing, and various other styles that keep things interesting, but the artists that truly take my breath away are the ones who do all of these things confidently, masterfully, and effortlessly. When they do these things with grace and elegance, it just shows me that they’re meant to be in the music world and nothing is ever forced, so I know that they’re meant to have a place at the table.

When I first heard Quail P’s music, I was definitely blown away because I knew he was from Florida, and even though this is one of my favorite regions in hip-hop, I had these preconceived notions of what kind of sound I should anticipate as well as what kind of personality comes with this location. P shredded these predetermined anticipations of mine from the moment I pressed play months and months ago, and he has only continued to show me that even though he is a Florida native, the state can’t define who he is or what he sounds like, and ever since, I have been nothing short of captivated by the rising emcee.

Last year’s record “What You Got” was an absolute hit, even if the numbers aren’t even close to what I feel like they should be, but I definitely believe that it is only going to continue to grow in popularity thanks to the latest Mikey Rare-directed music video. As this visual begins, P can be seen wandering through a forest full of vibrant pink leaves on the various trees surrounding him as he looks to meet up with his girl. When they do come together, they share some moments of intimacy and love, embracing each other in this mystifying setting.

Things only continue to grow within their relationship as they seem to tackle daily activities by each other’s side whether hit up the basketball court, cruise around in a car, or simply chill on a couch with a blunt in their hands. While this is a loving video all around, these events seem to be a dream as the video comes to an end with P’s alarm ringing, waking him from his deep and thoughtful sleep. Quail P is the definition of an absolute talent, and whether you believe me or not, the music video for “What You Got” is certainly going to drive this point home time and time again, making it something you need on your radar immediately.