WHAT THEY SAY NOW (ALIEF EDITION) – [Tobe Nwigwe] ft. [Young Deji]

What sets an artist above the rest can often be their creative direction in the way they bring music to life. Tobe Nwigwe has always been a powerhouse in all aspects of creativity, he recently released a video for “WHAT THEY SAY NOW (ALIEF EDITION)” that is a prime example of how to make something simple in concept look incredibly cinematic. What should be noted before we continue this article is that Tobe directed the visuals himself, like I said the man is not playing around when it comes to the art surrounding his music.

On his most recent single, Tobe linked up with fellow Houston rising star Young Deji. We’ve covered Deji aka Lil Woah in the past, but he is an artist that seems to be gaining serious steam as an artist moving into the next decade. Both Deji and Tobe are from the Alief neighborhood of Houston, which makes this an extremely special collaboration for the two. Being able to bring their music back to Alief, shooting the video and putting the name right in the song title should show the connection both artists have to their home.

A unique setting, coordinated outfits, simple movements that change with the tempo of the song, and enough personality from each artist makes this truly a beautiful video to watch. The song is very laidback in nature, allowing them to continue a basic storyline during a single continuous shot. After seeing the song release, the audio was put on repeat but seeing how this song is represented through visuals has stepped it up to another level.

Watch the video below!