What I Miss – [Low the Great] & [BlueBucksClan]

To be completely candid, I feel like I have been lacking on my upkeep with the West Coast music scene, and I know I need to do something to change that.  There was a time when it was literally all I was listening to, and whether they were from California or not, if they lived there at the time, I was probably listening to them. Everyone from Yung Pinch, 03 Greedo & Drakeo the Ruler to YG & Shoreline Mafia were in constant rotation for me, and I felt like I very well could have been one of the most tapped-in fans that didn’t actually physically live anywhere near the scene.

Well, I guess I have just gotten busier throughout the years because I feel like I may have fallen behind a bit, but Low the Great is a producer who I have always tried my best to keep up with, so when he hit me up and told me about a new song he dropped with BlueBucksClan called “What I Miss”, I knew I had to tap in ASAP. The duo comprised of DJ and Jeeezy are a couple of emcees who I also am not overly familiar with, but after hearing Low’s insanely lively, sneakily haunting, and all-around vivacious instrumental, I knew that this was going to be a song that was West Coast straight to the core.

The duo’s words, in turn, float right over this production, and even when they might be a bit too fast or slow compared to the tempo of the beat, their personalities and vibrancy on the instrumental are just too compelling to ignore. As I said, I know I’m behind on the West Coast acts that are making massive statements, but this song definitely got me right back in the mood to jump back in and catch up on everything that I have been missing out on, so make sure you tap in as well!