what did you get yourself into-[remy]

For as many times as I’ve written about remy, he needs no introduction, but is deserving of one nonetheless. The first time he made it onto our pages was back in March for his notable track, “a little bit won’t kill you but a lot of it sure will”. The Long Island, New York native has since grown his streaming numbers and following to place where he has inevitably become a hot commodity in this industry. If you’ve ever taken the time to listen to remy’s music, it is extremely apparent to notice the amount of care and purpose he puts into every verse, hook and melody. As you can see from his titles, the guy is a storyteller and his music allows listeners to follow along on the journey.

Today, the talented artist is being featured for his most recent release called, “what did you get yourself into”. remy has a tendency to start his songs off in the best ways possible. Without wasting anytime, the talented vocalist cuts right to the chase and begins serenading over the beat right away. From first listen, the production is too clean to not notice. Everything is so tight and succinct which allows even the smallest details to shine through on this one. The simple guitar strum might be my favorite part as it adds beautiful accents from left and right. Like I said, remy is a storyteller and this song has the ability to connect fans with his thought process and feelings. The melodies are so well done while the harmonies add an extra layer of pure bliss at the same time. 

remy has laid out the blueprint for success and if he keeps going in this trajectory, there’s really nothing that can truly stop him! “what did you get yourself into” is available everywhere! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!