Werking – [Tobi]

Tobi made his Lyrical Lemonade debut in January with a powerful effort highlighted by his powerful vocals in “City Blues.”

His singing was so natural, I had him labeled a singer who dabbled with rapping, but his latest effort “Werking” shows the Toronto has mastered both styles. Though equally as passionate as his crooning, here Tobi’s crisp, clear flow is what drives the track and the hunger in his voice is what gives it authenticity. Supported by headnotic boardwalk from some big names (Illmind and Take A Day Trip) Tobi asserts makes his commitment to the grind in the face of adversity and even takes a few moments to make it clear he, is, in fact, the dual-threat he’s emerging as with lines like, “I do my own stunts, yeah that’s me on the hooks.”