We’re All Just Falling And Flying – [DWLLRS]

The charming charisma that orbits San Clemente, California duo DWLLRS breathes visual life to their latest single, “We’re All Just Falling And Flying.” Continuing to capture the beautiful beach landscape that has now become synonymous with the duo’s breezy pop-coated surf rock sound, Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon tackle life’s toughest emotions and questions with utter grace. Transitioning in-and-out of Super8 filtered effects, DWLLRS invites viewers into a dream-like sequence through hazy camera styles while simultaneously propelling viewers into reality by sharpening the camera quality. In true euphoric, dream-like fashion, DWLLRS story-like songwriting comes to life in the new visual creating a score-like feeling throughout the blissful experience. It’s hard not to be engulfed in the calming warmth this duo create, and yet their music and videos released to date have proven their ability to captivate and comfort.

Watch the music video for “We’re All Just Falling And Flying” by DWLLRS below.