Welcome to GStarr Vol. 1 – [J.I the Prince of N.Y]

With everything in Hip Hop now a days being fueled by feeling and vibes, it would be impossible to ignore the immense amount of energy that has been coming out of New York for past few years now. There have been so many young pioneers that have been developing a new sound for New York, and the energy is felt through each borough every time one of these amazing records hit the streets. Of course, with the current pandemic, on top of the passing of the Brooklyn-native Pop Smoke, the city definitely took a hit. Nonetheless, we can still count on some of the newcomers to restore that feeling and bring that liveness back to the city. One of the rising stars making a lot of noise out of Brooklyn right now would be the 18-year-old rapper J.I the Prince of N.Y–and he is here with the release of his latest EP, Welcome to Gstarr Vol. 1.

Despite being so young, J.I is making it clear that he has a lot to say, and he will go to the furthest extent to make sure that his story is heard. Across the six songs on his project, he was able to cover many angles and reach all demographics–assuring that there is something here to love for everyone. On “Beautiful Girl”, that is J.I’s record that of course appeals to the ladies, accompanied by a dancehall-esque beat that is sure to make people move. On “Spanglish”, J.I recruits Myke Towers for a Spanish anthem that will ring off no matter what ethnic background you come from. Overall, J.I managed to deliver quite the punch across all six songs, and I’m super eager to dive deeper into his catalogue and learn more about him and his story. While receiving many cosigns from artists such as Drake, Roddy Ricch, and Jack Harlow, it is clear that he is making all the right moves to assure that he will last a long time in the game. Receiving his first ever billboard in Times Square was an amazing feat for him, and it definitely won’t be the last we see of J.I and his music.

Stream Welcome to Gstarr Vol. 1 below!