Weekend – [Ashley Mehta]

If Ashley Mehta has a million fans, then I am one of them. If Ashley has ten fans, then I am one of them. If Ashley has one fan, then I am THAT fan. If Ashley has no fans, that means I am dead. Though the world of TikTok singer/songwriters is filled with undeniable talent and people trying to stand apart from the crowd – nobody does it quite as well (or as effortlessly) as Ashley Mehta. This month our savior returns with “Weekend”, an energy-filled and optimistic anthem about romantic rumination and internal tension. Though Confucius said that desire is the root of all suffering, Ashley Mehta can’t help but “want it better than the weekend” – and I don’t blame her. Between an affinity for songwriting that is just as clever as it is understated, and a knack for vocal harmonies that could rival many of pop’s modern titans – Ashley Mehta is a powerhouse ready for pop music’s upper echelon. Preceded by July’s single “Facetime Freestyle”, I’m praying that “Weekend” is not just a banger primed for our weekly rotations, but also a harbinger of more music to come. Until the time for another new single comes, I’m sure Ashley will continue building her TikTok empire, and I’ll be laying on the floor of my room playing “Weekend” until my ears bleed.

Check out Ashley Mehta’s new single “Weekend” below: