We Outside – [Smokepurpp] ft. [Lil Mosey]

Although there might be some underground artists that provide more output than him, Smokepurpp seems to be carrying the biggest load out of any other mainstream artist I can think of. Even after releasing Florida Jit last year as well as a slew of music videos and other singles, Purpp isn’t even close to content with where he’s at, and this is obvious with the announcement of his upcoming EP PSYCHO (Legally Insane) that’s due out later this week.

In order to hype up the project just a bit before its release, Purpp decided to team up with Lil Mosey to drop the one and only single off of the EP called “We Outside” as well as a music video to come along with it, and the results are just unbelievable, in my opinion. Starting out with the instrumental that was a team effort between jordanwtf, Mike Zara, and The Martianz, we are given a couple of interesting guitar melodies that are complemented perfectly with consistently chattering percussion and some incredibly bouncy drums that pave the way for a vibey hit.

Purpp begins with the chorus, providing an unforgettably catchy portion that is sure to linger in your mind for hours after your first listen. When we get to Mosey’s verse, he backs up his reputation as a hitmaker once again. Sometimes I personally feel like his flows can get somewhat monotonous or repetitive, but on this record, he constantly switches things up and gives us a remarkable verse that shows off some dexterity and versatility that goes a very long way in my book.

The duo also teamed up with director Chris Allmeid to shoot this miniature movie, and while the settings might not be anything insane or innovative, it definitely shows that these two superstars are going to be the life of the party no matter where they go. Although it opens up in a Hawaiian-themed cabana and quickly transitions to some sort of party bus, there isn’t a single scene where countless half-naked women aren’t present, dancing and partying with the tag team while they’re decked out in their chains, designer clothing, and popping expensive bottles of bubbly. Even though this couldn’t have been an extremely difficult visual to shoot, it had to have been even more effortless for the two talents considering they basically just got to party and do their thing while their camera team carried the brunt of the workload.

I truly enjoyed this song because even though it’s not necessarily at the top of my favorite songs by the Florida native, it’s such an easy listen. It’s a track that can either get a party bumping or provide a nice chill vibe for a long car ride. Beyond the song itself, though, Purpp announced the fact that PSYCHO (Legally Insane) is going to drop off 6 brand-new tracks with Mosey being the only feature. Although “We Outside” doesn’t necessarily live up to the insane nature of the title considering it’s much more relaxed, I’m sure Purpp has some crazy tricks up his sleeve which I absolutely can’t wait to hear, so be ready for that on February 10th, and keep running this single up until then.