We All We Got – [Internet Money]

Ever since Internet Money dropped their debut album B4 the Storm back in 2020, I knew that they had solidified their reign in the hip-hop world for years and even decades to come. I mean, I think that their dominance was already well known after producing for world-renowned stars, but considering they seemed to always be behind the scenes as the masterminds behind these bangers, the general public or casual listener might not have known just how big of a role they played in the music business.

After the album dropped, though, their names were everywhere, whether it was as a collective or as individual producers, and this has only continued to snowball into them becoming one of the biggest production powerhouses that the world has ever, and most likely will ever see. Obviously, quite some time has passed since this album was released, and although I have been hungry for more ever since, I had extremely high hopes for their impending EP We All We Got which was slated to release on Friday, August 19th. Now that it is out, there is no denying their star power or pull in the industry, gifting us with 6 songs that lead to about 14 minutes of remarkable music.

Since 3 of the 6 songs had previously been released as singles, I was worried that these would be the standout records and the other 3 would fail to compare, but I have no clue why I was precautious after seeing what this powerhouse has done sonically in the past. The 3 new songs featured names like Destroy Lonely and Lil Yachty as well as a second track featuring IM friend and regular collaborator Lil Tecca, and they added so much energy and vibrancy to the EP as a whole.

In fact, even the songs that dropped previously seemed to take on a different life as I was able to witness them along with the rest of the project cohesively, helping me experience them in a brand-new way that was better than ever before. We All We Got might be much shorter than their 2020 debut, but it is a collection of songs you’re going to be bumping religiously, and I can only hope that they’re a precursor to something more extensive in the near future.