We Ain’t the Same – [TyFontaine]

When TyFontaine announced the arrival of his album We Ain’t the Same a few weeks ago, I was absolutely sleepless for many nights anticipating the greatness that he was going to deliver. I knew it was going to be a magnificent effort, but every single time I know he’s dropping, I have no idea what kind of sounds or styles to expect because of how versatile he is, so I get beyond excited to hear what he has in store for fans. I also knew that I was going to need to take the weekend to listen to it in order to run through it multiple times and not miss out on any of its artistry, so that leads us to now.

As far as writing about the brand-new album, I could truly go on for days and probably write an entire novel, so I just want to cover some of my personal favorites and highlights, but I’ll let you tune in for the rest of the offerings as well to see its incredibility for yourself. It opens up on the highest notes, unsurprisingly, with “Activities”, which boasts some intense, powerful, electronic-sounding synths that are only elevated by piercing percussion and banging drums. Ty takes this moment to draw in new listeners and please his day one fans, showing off some of his trademark versatility while also talking his shit and giving us some arrogantly aggressive bars.

Following this, “Letting You Down” changes the vibe slightly with some playful piano keys and a more emotive instrumental. Ty’s voice tiptoes along effortlessly with the piano as he shows off his crisp vocals and incredible abilities. “Off the Lot” comes up next, which is the perfect time for him to raise his vocal pitch and belt out some masterful notes that are as energetic as they are impressive. As he moves on throughout this track, however, he changes his tone constantly, rotating through his Rolodex of sounds and giving us a bit of a sampler platter of all the different styles he has perfected so early on in his blossoming career.

A couple of songs later we arrive at “Sabbatical” and a lighthearted, buoyant beat that is absolutely magnificent, giving him the chance to go off the rails slightly while incorporating some more normalized flows as well. Although Lil Keed is the first feature on “Duse N Juice”, which is the 6th track and the first released single from the project, Coi Leray is the first original feature we hear on the next song “Mixed Emotions”. This is the definition of collaboration because the two artists share portions throughout the entire track, rotating in and out before teaming up and singing the last few lines of the chorus with one another in unison. Even on Coi’s quick first verse, Ty boasts some ad-libs and final rhymes at the end of some of the lines, coupling with Coi’s more pure, crisp vocals seamlessly.

After the next song “Delectable”, which was the final single to release, “Sticky” is upon us. On this record, Ty slows things down and delivers some sexual, passionate lyrics over the dreamy, resounding instrumental which acts as a sort of divide from one side of the album to the next. The next two songs “Seal” and “Dear Mama” boast some very touching, emotive beats that Ty’s passion comes through even stronger and fiercer than ever before, utilizing vocal layers to strengthen his message. He recruits TheHxliday for the latter, allowing them both to give a very heartfelt and meaningful message to their mothers, ending the track by simply stating how appreciative of everything his mom has done for him, which is a special touch that brings joy to your heart.

After this track, the rest of the songs are just pure hits. I mean, the entire project is hit after hit, but the rest of the four songs that are left are upbeat, moving, and make you want to dance and sing along to every single additional offering. “Birthday” utilizes some old school inspired percussion paired with some vocal chops and distant echoes that are only elevated by Ty’s uncanny charisma. “Summer” and “Found” both boat some up-tempo drums and mystical synths that he feels right at home on, allowing him to raise his enthusiasm and show off the energetic side of himself that all fans know and love. To end things perfectly, “End of Time” contains a similar upbeat style that is brought to new levels with incredible guitar riffs and lively percussion. Here, he switches from perfectly crafted notes to rapid-fire bars, showing off his dexterity one final time, bringing the album full circle for an absolutely flawless end.

After listening, I finally get why he named the project We Ain’t the Same, because no one is truly even on the same universe as him, let alone the same planet. Once again, I tried my best to touch on as many new songs as I could, but if I truly went into detail, you’d be reading this until the morning. There’s not much I can say about TyFontaine that I haven’t gone into detail about in the past, but this album is yet another reason why I have such incredible admiration for the DMV, Internet Money artist. I have literally yet to hear a miss from him and with the amount of music he has already put out in his young career, that’s not common in the slightest. Then again, Ty is one of the most uncommon artists that come to mind, so if people keep sleeping on him, they’re going to be in for quite a wild awakening when they finally tune in. It’s tough to pick a singular song off of this project that’s my favorite because there’s just so many impeccable tracks, so I’m not even going to attempt to name one. Instead, I think you need to check out We Ain’t the Same if you haven’t already and see Ty’s artistry for yourself.