Wayside – [whiterosemoxie]

So many artists that have seen insane amounts of success seem to continue to fly under the mainstream’s radar, and while it’s frustrating because I feel as if the entire world needs to know these musicians’ names, I am just grateful to know about them now and not have to wait until the rest of the universe finally catches on. One of the most talented emcees out right now is whiterosemoxie, someone that I’m lucky enough to consider a friend, and even though he has some massive plans for the future with his upcoming album HUMAN BEHAVIOR due out before the end of the year, he has already accomplished more than enough to allow me to comfortably hang up the cleats and call it a day if I was in his shoes.

I mean, he has already amassed over 30 million global streams, performed at world-renowned festivals like Rolling Loud Miami and HIVE, and performed during halftimes at his hometown basketball team’s games (the Detroit Pistons), and he isn’t even old enough to legally take a sip of beer. Never being one to take it easy or slow down, moxie decided to celebrate his recently released EP Habits with a brand-new Zozzy Malone-directed, Jay Cribbs-produced video single entitled “Wayside”. The instrumental is what first captivated me because it mixes extremely succinct, punchy drums with this playful, almost jazz-inspired piano riff that feels like you’re listening in a different dimension.

In terms of moxie’s bars, he has been known to switch things up and either bring all the energy in the world or calm things down and really let his words breathe, but he clashes both styles together in this one. When he composes himself, his wordplay and flows are top-notch, but when he begins to incorporate more enthusiasm, his charisma works just as well with the dominant beat. You can’t forget about the visual either, because it is as well shot and creative as a music video can get, making this one of the greatest songs I’ve ever witnessed from the Detroit icon, and he’s just getting started.