Way Too Young- [UnoTheActivist]

Everyone, including myself, is still in utter disbelief about the extremely premature passing of Juice WRLD over the weekend. He was a legend in every sense of the word, with unlimited potential that no one was ever going to even come close to matching, and unfortunately, he’s no longer with us. Friends, Family, Fans and celebrities alike have been flooding social media timelines, paying their respects to the late Rockstar in many different ways.

One way that particularly stuck out to me was UnoTheActivist’s song “Way Too Young”. This track is completely dedicated to the Chicago talent with inspirations ranging from the lyrics, to the flows, and especially the overall aesthetic of the song. The production includes gloomy guitar chords and somber melodies that Juice was known for being able to take and turn into hit after hit. Even the vocal effects had inspiration to Juice, so Uno really seemed to show out for him.

Everyone mourns in their own separate ways, and I think Uno did Juice WRLD justice with his ode to the late star. He’ll be missed by all and there’s no doubt in my mind that the music industry will never be the same. At least he made the most out of his time here and left a mark on the world that not many people can claim to have done. Be sure to check out UnoTheActivist’s tribute “Way Too Young” and keep Juice WRLD’s legacy alive. You will truly be missed Juice!

Words by Danny Adams