BIG STEPPA DREW’s LL debut comes in his latest release, “Way I Felt,” a heartfelt outpouring of emotion that showcases his talent and sets him apart in the modern pop/rap scene. With influences ranging from legendary artists like Kurt Cobain and Prince to modern icons like XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD, Drew incorporates a nostalgic sound with a modern feel.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Way I Felt” showcases his ability to display emotion through song, giving the track a relatable appeal. The song fits well into the current pop/rap landscape, while Drew’s unique delivery elevates it to another level.

Although he may still be building his presence, BIG STEPPA DREW is already doing numbers, with just under a quarter million monthly streams on Spotify.

The future looks promising, as Drew plans to maintain his momentum by releasing new music every two weeks. Fans can look forward to his upcoming tracks “RIP” on June 18th and “You And Me” shortly after. In the meantime, “Way I Felt” serves as a captivating testament to BIG STEPPA DREW’s artistry, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting his next musical endeavor. Stream it below!