WavyWorld – [BigBop]

As the music industry expands and diversifies, artists are looking to capitalize. Long Island rapper BigBop is doing just that with his latest drop in WavyWorld the EP, titled after his own independent record label. Produced by Quan Deaux, the EP offers a blend of hip-hop influences and styles beyond the traditional spectrum.

The project is something I’ve never heard the likes of before, a mixture of NY drill-branded flows with high-energy EDM characteristics that keep listeners on their toes throughout. Good examples of this melting of genres are prevalent in tracks like “Pinta” and  “WavyWorld Party.”

I love what BigBop is doing. I’ve never gravitated towards the high-bpm “EDM” style of tracks, but I’m not necessarily who he’s trying to please, and I think his branching out across genre borders will only increase his following and have him heard by multiple pools of audience. What I’m a massive fan of, however, is the flow that BigBop delivers in tracks like “Sacrifices Heal” and “Obstacles,” in which he’s got a bit more of a traditional drill-like flow that he seems to attack with confidence.

I’m excited to hear more about the New York artist going forward as he refuses to conform to genres, and looks to pull listeners from multiple pools within the hip-hop industry.

Stream WavyWorld on Spotify below!