Wave 1- [MilanMakesBeats]

It is insane to think that a majority of today’s rap superstars came up from humble Soundcloud beginnings; from Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti to Lil Yachty and Smokepurpp, they all grew their buzz with fans spreading their music online like it was crack. While these artists have gone on to reach iconic heights, it is important to remember the arsenal of producers who played a pivotal role in creating the very hits that allowed these artists to become household names. One producer who has been present since the beginning of this mysterious “Soundcloud to Mainstream Success” pipeline is MilanMakesBeats who has produced many notorious underground anthems including Carti’s “Vlone Thug”, which would become the soundtrack for a new wave of gritty, catchy “mumble rap”, a wave that is spreading at an insurmountable pace. Unfortunately, producers don’t always benefit from their labor when it comes to shady business dealings in the industry and to this day the Capsule Corp. producer has yet to receive proper compensation for his viral Carti collaborations. However, what is real does not fade and Milan has came through with a new project that reminds everyone who played a role in the blueprint of today’s rap scene. I present to you, Wave 1, a collection of new and old tracks featuring some of the best talent in the game including Carti, Yachty, Uno, Fauni, Yung Bans, D Savage, Warhol.SS and more! Pay homage to one of Soundcloud’s staple producers by hitting play on Wave 1 below and be sure to follow Milan on Soundcloud and Twitter to show him your appreciation! If you really want to say thanks for his valuable music contributions you can purchase the album on Itunes as well!

Artwork: MilanMakesBeats