Water – [Sleepy Hallow] ft. [Sheff G]

Sleepy Hallow has been steadily making a case for himself over the past year or as about why he should be recognized as one of the next best artists coming out of New York. His voice is deep and smooth, his flows are constantly evolving, and he is able to provide this harmonious quality at times when needed while also coming off as destructive or intense during other songs. He also embraced the new form of Drill that has been emerging out of the city for a couple of years at this point, but instead of utilizing some of the hard-nosed speaker busting styles of production that some of the other NYC artists use, he opts for a completely toned-down and minimalistic style of this production which truly allows for his voice to shine through and not be overshadowed by any sort of unnecessary liveliness within the instrumental.

Fresh off of the release of his latest project The Black House, he’s not finished with some of his previous mixtapes considering he decided to revisit a song with his friends a frequent collaborator Sheff G of off his June release called Sleepy Hallow Presents: Sleepy for President. This song starts with an almost silent instrumental as the tempo of the song can be heard slightly in the background through some instruments, but the main portion of the rhythm is controlled by the artists themselves. Sheff G takes the hook and melodically raps his bars, stretching out some words slightly but never breaking into a full singing delivery. There is a bit of an assault within his voice that is toned down slightly by some more playful tones that appear and disappear during certain moments of his portions of the song.

Sleepy comes in for the first verse and as he changes up his flow after even just the first line, percussive hits enter in the instrumental and provide that telltale Drill sound that I was mentioning earlier. I just find the way he changes his cadences in the blink of an eye to be so impressive and appealing because not a lot of artists use the same type of delivery as him, separating himself from the pack slightly. He does the same thing in his second verse as well, toying with the beat in an incredibly masterful way that just makes you bob your head without any explanation. As they make their way throughout this track, the rappers discuss a plethora of subjects like their swagger or drip, being the guys that all the ladies want to get with, luxurious items, and other slightly violent topics, but they avoid this subject a bit more than they normally do in other songs.

When it comes to the brand-new music video, we’re taken to a city that can be no place other than Miami, although I can’t confirm that with one hundred percent certainty. To open up the visual and set the scene, a beautiful woman hops out of a G-Wagon and makes her way through a parking lot that is eventually taken over by two additional lavish cars. As the rappers’ voices begin to play, we’re shown the Miami skyline and a more private residence that is right on the water. The two artists are first seen together in the aforementioned parking lot as they stand out in front of the two luxurious cars and spit their respective bars. Not only are they flexing these cars, but they’re also showing of their variety of diamond-studded jewelry, the women-filled parties on yachts they’re attending, and the worry-free life they’ve been living in recent years.

Basically, throughout the majority of this video, the two rappers are just hanging out with countless beautiful ladies at their waterfront estate, on massive yachts, and other settings that are sure to make them the envy of anyone else who didn’t get invited to these functions. It’s a very bright, clean music video but there are certain effects throughout that definitely add some interesting moments such as one that makes it appear as if water is floating in the air during certain shots. One more noticeable effect changes the color of certain backdrops and even the water in the ocean and pool and makes it look really trippy as the waves splash around.

It’s never been a secret that Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G have this chemistry in every single one of their songs that is just unmatched. They obviously work together all the time, and they know each other’s strengths well enough to elevate one another and truly make each other better as they work more and more together. As far as this visual is concerned, I was a big fan. Seeing these two out of their normal New York City element like they’re normally in for their music videos was a nice change of pace and they obviously prove that they know how to have a good time in one of the wildest cities in the country, so it’s cool to see them having fun with the recent successes they’ve accomplished within their careers. Sleepy and Sheff are only going to continue to get bigger and bigger, so you need to tune into them without a doubt if you haven’t already. The music video for “Water” is the perfect place to start, so make sure you check it out as soon as you find some time.