Watching – [Big Taie] ft. [TyFontaine]

Over the past handful of months, I have kept an extremely close eye on Big Taie, an emerging young talent who I’ve written a few articles on, and it just seems like every time he drops something new, I can see his progression before my eyes. That’s something that excites me personally, but I honestly had no idea what kind of looks he was getting from others who have the capability of truly changing his life forever and getting his sound out to the masses even more than I ever could dream of.

I’m talking about his co-sign from Trippie Redd, because Trippie isn’t the type of artist to just show love to anyone, so this is a massive deal. Since then, Taie has been going crazy with his career, most recently securing not only a Ryder Johnson, Mochila, and Taie-produced song entitled “Watching” with TyFontaine, but also a collaborative mixtape with both Ty and Zelly Ocho who has also been making waves, so I guess some of my early predictions were right and I couldn’t be more excited for him. In this song, the beat is much harder than some of his other more melodic cuts, but this gives him the opportunity to show off his range while also incorporating his naturally melodic delivery into a bit of a quicker flow that is simply addicting.

Ty comes in later with his swagger-filled, hasty, and all-out individualistic sound that made me a fan years ago and kept me enthralled all the way until this point in time and the foreseeable future as well. Alongside the track comes a TeoShootMe-directed music video that is also a smash hit, making “Watching” an absolute banger on all fronts which gets me even more excited for the tape that is coming out tomorrow without a doubt in my mind.