Watch Wiz Khalifa’s brand new interview on The Joe Rogan Experience

Wiz Khalifa was the latest guest on Joe Rogan’s mega successful podcast, and it’s easily one of his best interviews to date. You will find these two GOAT’s speaking on plenty of interesting subjects such as marijuana, being a father, getting jacked, martial arts, Snoop Dogg sparing, his brand new documentary, his song writing process, doing certain things to stay disciplined, how he gained weight, meal preps, yoga, shows he enjoys, Virtual Reality, his high school experience, Tesla’s, how hip-hop is only thirty years old, his favorite genre being pop music, being himself for a living, Marvin Gaye, Florida, mushrooms, burning an ounce a day, 2 Live Crew, where he would live if didn’t live in California, living in Japan for two years, his parents being in the military, his Oreo commercial with his son and much more. Check out this amazing new interview below!