Watch the BTS of “Mazel Tron” by BLP Kosher & BabyTron

Yesterday we dropped a brand new music video for BLP Kosher & BabyTron’s new record called “Mazel Tron”, and this morning we are happy to be bringing you the official behind the scenes for the video! We have had a ton of really amazing BTS videos bless our Lyrical Lemonade 2 channel over the years, but none has been as in-depth as this one. Fans will get to see a peak behind the curtain of the actual studio session where this song came to life, and what I personally loved about it, is that you got to see some of BLP Kosher’s personality shine. I hope to see more collaborations between Tron and Kosher in the future, but for the moment, let’s take some time to appreciate this release.