Watch Sheck Wes’ New Interview on Hot 97

Fresh off of the release of his unbelievable debut album, Mudboy, Sheck Wes is one of the hottest topics in rap right now. His story, personality, unforgettable adlibs, and energetic deliveries all mesh together to form an absolute star of an artist, and today, he’s here to take us a bit further into the journey with a brand new interview alongside the familiar faces over at Hot 97. Nearly 30 minutes long, this video acts as a comprehensive look at the mind and life of the 20-year old, Harlem-bred artist. He speaks on his father working for Dapper Dan, basketball, being a rapper, his upbringing, NYC, fashion, being sent to Africa, Harlem, and much, much more. If you’re a newer fan of Sheck Wes, this is a must-watch interview, so be sure to click play at the link below. Additionally, if you haven’t listened to Mudboy yet, then stream the project here!