Watch Quin NFN on Nardwuar

Quin NFN is a Texas native who I first got the chance to meet last year at Cole’s Nardwuar interview and I have been paying close attention to him ever since, and today he is making his way back on our platform with his brand new interview with Nardwuar! You will find Nardwuar asking Quin NFN about plenty of interesting topics such as being from Austin, the cave, the NFN crew, being on the cover of The Austin Chronicle, other Austin based artists, signing a record deal, being inspired by Lil Wayne & Cassidy, his great manager Diana, Texas expo center, what makes a good show, Texas legends, his favorite food places, some of his witty bars, his favorite places to shop, having his city behind him and more. Check out this great new conversation below and make sure you don’t sleep on Quin!