Watch Part of Brockhampton’s New Film, “Billy Star”

Brockhampton really cannot be stopped. With the third installment of their Saturation series due Dec. 15, the eclectic group just dropped part of a full-length film titled “Billy Star.” The 22-minute segment follows a beautiful, destructive teenage love story between characters Summer Labeouf and Helmet Boy, played by Kevin Abstract. This romance has been a recurring narrative throughout Abstract’s previous music videos, and he also directed this project. Members of Brockhampton make appearances throughout the film and also provide the soundtrack, which could possibly be composed of tracks from Saturation 3. “Billy Star” still leaves many questions unanswered, and Abstract tweeted that the full film will be available in theatres.

Along with the short film, Brockhampton also released the first single from Saturation 3. Watch the music video for the hyperenergetic dance party that is “Boogie” below.

A photo posted by Brockhampton claimed Saturation 3 was their “last studio album.” Combined with that cryptic message, this film project, and an upcoming tour, the hype level has reached an unprecedented peak for this boundary-less boyband.