Watch Open Space Interview Cdot Honcho

After the widespread success of 2017’s Takeover mixtape, it is clear that Chicago’s own Cdot Honcho is ready to, well, takeover. His energetic lyricism and charismatic deliveries always lend a helping hand in crafting bangers, and with the track that Honcho is on right now, it’s looking like 2018 is going to be his year. Today, Honcho is back on Lyrical Lemonade for his new interview with Open Space, covering topics such as Lil Wayne, Cole Bennett, being independent, and more. Whether you have been paying attention to the unstoppable wave that Cdot Honcho is on right now or not, I highly recommend watching this interview to get to know one of Chicago’s rising stars and fully embrace the cultivating personality that he possesses. Click play below and be sure to peep Honcho’s latest video for “So Long” is you haven’t already!