Watch Mario Judah’s New Interview on Kids Take Over

Kids Take Over is one of the most inventive and exciting platforms for hip hop on YouTube built from the ground up by one creative Canadian. The host Arshan has built an incredible brand by getting guests that other outlets would overlook, creating interesting interviews that shed light on all aspects of the music industry. The past few weeks have been huge for Mario Judah, his very public taunting of Playboi Carti to drop one of the most anticipated albums of the year after a million delays has garnered the attention of millions. Over the weekend, Mario dropped his own version of Whole Lotta Red on SoundCloud, this saga has only helped Mario evolve from a depressed kid who went against the grain to a very genuine and hilarious rockstar that hasn’t even begun to hit his stride as an antagonist to what people perceive as conventional. Kids Take Over was the first outlet to get an interview with Mario, Arshan’s calm demeanor allows Mario to show his real personality, dive deep into his fandom of Playboi Carti, and the method behind the madness.

Watch the interview below and check out more of the content on Kids Take Over!