Watch Kevin Holliday Perform on “Tiny Shed”

NPR’s famed Tiny Desk series has become a go-to destination for fans of tasteful and soulful live performances, garnering appearances from countless artists both modern and older alike. Without question, NPR has built this series into a wonderful platform for established artists, but on Tiny Desk, there doesn’t exist much room for new talent to come in the door and become discovered. Here to fill this gap and bless us with a performance of equal, if not higher, quality, there exists a spin of the series fittingly entitled “Tiny Shed,” as created by a group of students over at Wesleyan University. Today, “Tiny Shed” welcomes Kevin Holliday onto its stage.

As indicated by the title, this tight squeeze of a performance may occur in the humble abode of a shed-sized area, but regardless, Holliday’s advanced, mesmerizing artistry makes for an intimate performance that turns “Tiny Shed” into an easily lovable series right off the bat. Between the animated instrumentation, the close-quarters appeal of such promising young artists, and the homegrown charm at hand here, Holliday’s performance of four songs — “Always On,” “Same Song,” “Let Me Go,” and “Colgate” — acts as a clear, refreshing representation of the living, beating heart of DIY music right now.

With that said, I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to experience and support “Tiny Shed.” I’d love to see this idea continue to blossom into a well-respected platform for new music discovery, and with Holliday leading performances as magical as this one, I would certainly say that idea is a feasible one with plenty of upside for future growth. That said, keep an eye out for more and in the meantime, watch Kevin Holliday perform here!