Watch dvsn’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert

One of the leading duo’s in R&B today is undoubtedly dvsn, the highly-talented set of OVO representatives taking the industry by storm right now. Their newest live performance finds vocalis, Daniel Daley as the frontman performing some of the duo’s most sultry and heart-wrenching tracks while the duo’s producer, Nineteen85, enjoys the performance as an audience member. Encompassing the true nature of the duo, the tiny concert space is decorated with burning candles along with warm colored lights that drape over the performers, perfectly illustrating the intimate nature of dvsn’s songs. The NPR crowd was treated to beautiful live renditions of “Too Deep,” “Body Smile” and “Mood.” Fingers crossed that the duo is subliminally teasing us with this live performance giving us hope that the thought that they’ll soon be ending their drought on new releases.¬†Watch dvsn’s new Tiny Desk Concert performance below and tell us what you think and who you would like to see grace the tiny stage in the comment section below!