Watch Dominic Fike’s New “Rain or Shine” Performance

In the ever-so-interesting, ever-so-talented case of Dominic Fike, it’s a given that the music is unbelievable. He’s a hell of an artist and an undeniable hitmaker, but the real value of Fike arrives in the arts of image and connectivity.

Put simply, Fike doesn’t act like he just signed a multi-million dollar deal and has become one of music’s most prominent names in a matter of just a few months. He doesn’t act like the once-in-a-generation artist that he is, and yet, that’s why people seem to relate to his character so strongly.

The man behind the music is even more humble and likable than one could expect, and a central method by which Fike’s team has skillfully shed light on this is through the several live performances that they’ve released through YouTube. These intimate, silky-smooth videos attach a face to the songs and a personality to the lyrics, bringing fans even further into the wonderful, wonderful world of Dominic Fike.

That said, Fike’s latest performance, titled “Rain or Shine (Live from Paris),” is my personal favorite to date, allowing the star himself to strum the guitar and float over the keys in the middle of a random park in Paris. It’s casual and understated, but the power of the music is there.

Be sure to watch the performance below and let us know what you think in the comments!