Watch Dominic Fike’s New Live Performance of “She Wants My Money”

Backed by the endless potential surrounding his fantastic project, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, Dominic Fike has been a major topic of news in the music industry throughout the past few months. His cathartic vocals and endlessly captivating skills on the guitar are amidst the best I’ve heard in recent memory, and today, taking one step further into the wax, Fike is on our pages with his brand new live performance of “She Wants My Money” off of the new EP. Directed by Aidan Cullen and shot at the Joshua Tree national park, the tranquil environment surrounding Fike in this one perfectly complements the appeal of his music. It’s simplistic yet vastly beautiful, and as a result of pure authenticity, Fike is able to add a level of emotional intimacy into his music that speaks to listeners on a personal level.

Hearing “She Wants My Money” live adds an entirely new dimension to the song, so be sure to check the performance out below and let us know what you think in the comment section!