Watch D Savage’s interview on Mass Appeal’s ‘Open Space’

Mass Appeal’s ‘Open Space’ series had made its case as one of my favorite interview segments on the web, and the latest to feature in a sitdown was none-other than D Savage. Being a regular on our respective platform, the 19-year-old has been building his musical repertoire for a steady minute but first went into detail on a photo that went viral of his friend Yung Weej that you may have come across in the past. From the explanation of ‘D Phoenix’ to his opinion on the unpopular term ‘Soundcloud rapper,’ the L.A.-based rapper also explained how he’s not the type to go out and would rather chill, watch That 70’s Show and play the odd game of the hit video game Fortnite. I’m sure most can relate to that, but regardless be sure to peep D Savage’s interview on Mass Appeal’s ‘Open Space” and let us know which interview has been your most-watched in recent memory.

Via: Mass Appeal