Wasting Time – [Brent Faiyaz] feat. [Drake]

Brent Faiyaz has been one of the artists whose journey would appear to happen out of nowhere, but that is most certainly not the case at all. With the masses first catching wind of Brent back in 2017 on Goldlink’s “Crew”, he has been absolutely murdering the R&B game for well over five years now. He has brought us classic joints with his group Sonder, as well as amazing bodies of work like Sonder Son and Fuck The World. As he is currently gearing up for his next body of work, he has dropped off singles like “Dead Man Walking” and “Gravity” with DJ Dahi and Tyler, the Creator. Today, he is dropping off yet another amazing single titled “Wasting Time”—this time, accompanied by none other than Drake.

Upon first glance, the cover may be familiar to some of the listeners. That is because the cover art for this single is a remake of Pharrell’s debut album In My Mind in 2006. The reason behind this recreation of this cover is because the single is produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, better known as The Neptunes. For those who may be unfamiliar with the greatness that these two have produced, you definitely have to do some digging into their production discography. Nonetheless, they provided Brent and Drake one of the closest beats they have to their original sound that I have heard in a very long time. With the mesmerizing and soothing strings in the beginning, and deep 808, this brings me back to the old days when Pharrell and Chad had the game on lock with their production and gets me excited for future production from them with Brent.

“Wasting Time” is the very first time that Brent and Drake have collaborated on a song together, and it blew fans away with how amazing they blend together. Some fans were expecting Drake to come on and deliver a soulful verse, but he decided to drop off some bars instead. Despite that, Drake delivers as he always does on guest verses, and his stardom doesn’t get in the way of Brent’s greatness at all. In fact, I believe that Brent is the highlight of this song and it could stand alone even if it was not alongside Drake. That is something that can’t be said for many artists, as some of them tend to get “washed” or overshadowed by Drake on their collaborations.

While fans have been impatiently waiting for Brent’s next release and overplaying the 3-pack EP Do Not Listen earlier this year, this song definitely satisfies a lot of that anxiousness that has been building up over the past several months. As mysterious as Brent can be sometimes, there is no telling what is up his sleeve, when he will drop next, or what it will sound like. He has been continuing to surprise fans, and as an independent artist, has placed himself in another level of stardom that is hard to achieve by many.

Stream the Brent Faiyaz & Drake collaboration “Wasting Time” below!