Wasted & Lonely – [jaydafuckingkelly]

Though it was released in February (which is basically a year in internet standards)Jaydafuckingkelly’s “Wasted & Lonely” has been haunting my rotation. No matter what mood I’m in, or what I’m listening too, “Wasted & Lonely” has been constantly creeping up, going neck and neck with heavy hitters like Uzi and Lil Baby.

It’s pretty crazy for a track that seemingly came out of nowhere from an artist that only has 89 monthly listeners on Spotify, but it’s a testament to the unique atmosphere the Canadian artist builds. Fitting the title, the stoic WoodOxha-produced instrumental is set off by a distant whistle that beckons you further into the dark. Kelly’s soft, airy crooning laces the production to create an almost unsettling yet hypnotic environment; the way she weaves between English and French adds an extra dash of uniqueness to the already unconventional sound.

Credit to kelly for creating something really different. I haven’t heard anything like this recently and it’s been very hard to pull away from. Be sure to check out her latest EP, The Fool.