Wasetime – [Shawn Cook]

“Wasetime” is a new Afrobeat-inspired song by Shawn Cook that tells the story of a toxic relationship. The song is a cautionary tale, warning listeners of the dangers of staying in an unhealthy relationship which is also the theme of his forthcoming project Claudette. The record starts off with Shawn describing how he and his significant other were drawn to each other because of their shared trauma and the good times they shared. They both had difficult childhoods and found comfort in each other’s pain. However, their relationship quickly turned toxic. She became envious of Shawn’s dreams and began sabotaging his success. Despite the toxicity of their relationship, Cook can’t seem to let go of her. He’s drawn to the chaos and the love, even though he knows it’s not good for him. This is so relatable to many people struggling through their love lives. This is also another reason why I believe artists such as Cook can thrive in today’s music scene that has fans searching for familiarity between them and the artist.

If you’re a fan of new Afrobeats artists stream “Wasetime” by Shawn Cook for yourself after the break.